Sterile Male Pupae

BioFly has a mass rearing facility which is capable of producing up to 90 million sterile male pupae per week. The production process is monitored and controlled closely, resulting in high quality pupae.

Pupae Emergence rate: 92%

Pupae weight is between 7.75 and 8.5 mg, above the standard level of 7.5 mg.
Pupae weight

Pupae survival rate after 48 hours of stress is 60% to 90%, above the minimum of 50%.

Post Irradiation Flight Ability is measured at 85% to 95%, well above  75%, which is considered the standard target level.

Our sterile males compete favorably with wild males. Furthermore, comparison mating tests between wild to sterile flies held in field cages showed that following ginger root oil treatment, more than 60% of the mating was done by sterile males.

Transportation of pupae under hypoxia is possible for up to 72 hours at temperature controlled conditions. After 72 hours the emergence level decreases to 83% and the flight ability decreases to 80%.